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Fighting for Working Families

As a father to a special needs child, I have the privilege to speak to a lot of other parents and see first-hand the systems the state puts in place for early childhood development. Across the board, one of the most common complaints I hear from parents is about the cost of child care. Single parents with multiple children have an especially difficult time. Child care providers are also having a tough time finding consistent work at livable wages. I will introduce a bill to provide tax breaks to businesses who pay for employees' child care. Check out this fact sheet.

There are 18 other states who currently provide tax incentives for companies who help cover costs for child care (Including Oregon, New York, and Virginia). On-site facilities allow parents to drop their kids off at their place of employment, cutting down on travel time (saving gas), allowing them to be near their children (in case of emergency), gives new moms the opportunity to breast feed, and incentivizes businesses to hire parents with young children (which usually comes with a stigma).

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