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Jonathan on the Issues

Please check out the links below for details on where I stand on the issues facing our ohana, in this moku and statewide. This page is updated frequently, please check back for new links/info.

Affordable Housing

It’s heartbreaking seeing our brothers and sisters of our community struggling to find permanent housing. The housing crisis is complicated and layered, but there are steps I can take at the state level to help... (Read More)

Building a Strong Sustainable Economy

High gas prices, expensive groceries, supply chain issues, and travel restrictions are hurting kama'aina and working families. The pandemic exposed our over-reliance on tourism dollars. That's why we need to invest in self-sustaining industries like agriculture, farming, green energy, and infrastructure... (Read More)

Fighting for Working Families

As a father to a special needs child, I have the privilege to speak to a lot of other parents and see first-hand the systems the state puts in place for early childhood development. Across the board, one of the most common complaints I hear from parents is about the cost of child care... (Read More)

Easing Traffic on the Westside with Alternative Routes

I intend to form a Task Force to move forward on research and feasibility reports for roads to the west side. The Task Force will include stakeholders from HDOT, OMPO, DHHL, City and Country of Honolulu DTS, DPP, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, FEMA, military, DLNR, elected State and Federal Representatives and Senators, and other stakeholders, including public input... (Read More)

Legalizing Recreational Cannabis and Supporting Local Farmers

For the last 22 years medical cannabis has been legal in Hawai’i, but not without challenges to access by patients and caregivers alike. With a narrow list of qualifying ailments and required registration with the state, access to cannabis remains elusive for residents and tourists alike... (Read More)

See my answers to the Questionnaires I've Submitted

Throughout the campaign I've been asked to fill out questionnaires and surveys by a variety of organizations, you can find my unedited answers to them on this page. Check back often for updates! (Read More)

Reforming Family Court and the Child Welfare System to put Kids First

Please check back soon for an update to this section. (Read More)

Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Climate Change Initiatives

Check back soon as we are updating this section! (Read More)

De-Militarizing the 'Aina

We're working on updating this section, please check back soon! (Read More)

Defending Women's Rights and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Please check back soon for an update to this section. (Read More)

Supporting Police and Firefighters to Keep Communities Safe

We're updating this section, please check back soon! (Read More)

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