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Mahalo For Your Support!

ALOHA! E komo mai!

This is the official campaign website for Jonathan Lee, candidate for Hawai'i State Representative for District 44. Please visit the links above to see where I stand on the issues, view endorsements I've received and get involved in my campaign to improve life for the Westside!

Mahalo for your support!

100 Truck Loads of Trash in 100 Days

If I win the Primary Election, I'm going to PERSONALLY fill my personal truck with trash 100 times and take it to the convenience center. I will post pictures of all 100 truckloads on my website so you can keep me honest!

In tandem with this, I will work with our partners at the city level to improve the frequency they pick up opala on the side of the road as well as work with them to improve the system we currently have in place to avoid excessive pile-ups in the future. 

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